I don’t know many people who claim they like the actual process of moving, and I’m definitely not one of them, but the thing is, we’re not moving, we’re starting over. We sold our washer and dryer for a little more than we paid (WOOHOO!!!), but everything else we mostly gave away. Storing furniture is expensive. Parents don’t have room and don’t want it. No time between actually needing the furniture and leaving to actually sell it, so giving it away was the easy option left. That meant for about a week our apartment was a complete wreck. It was also insanely hot out, so we had no desire to clean it up.


Beside the furniture, there’s the mountain of clothes. The day before moving Kenny asked me which shoes I wanted to keep. I got all dramatic and said that I didn’t know and never to ask me such an evil question. He dropped it. I still don’t know which shoes I’m keeping. Don’t ask me, either.

There’s also the books, which we have a lot of. I don’t know if we’re taking any of them, but Kenny’s parents have been nice enough to keep them for us. The majority of them are textbooks that were too important to get rid of (which was most of them), but we have plenty of others. Everyone says get eBooks, but I’m not about to pay more money for something I already own. Hopefully my parents will be nice enough to mail a care package with a few of the classics inside (listening, guys?).

The thing we are saddest about not taking isn’t a thing at all: it’s our Sarah’s, Muteki. For those of you who don’t know already, we planned for about a year to take him. We followed all the rules and procedures: he had two recombinant rabies vaccines a little over a month apart, blood samples that had to be analyzed in Kansas (because that’s the only laboratory in the US that Japan trusts, apparently), we got him harnessed trained, we had all of the certificates ready to be signed by the veterinarian AND a federal veterinarian…I thought we had planned out every possible scenario. I missed one: the Board of Education Kenny is employed by has selected our housing for us, and pets aren’t allowed under any circumstances.

We took Muteki to Sarah’s house last Friday. I handled it better than I thought I would, and it helped that we saw him the next day and he seemed happy. It still breaks my heart, though. He was our baby.


Right now, Kenny and I are staying with my boss and her family. Tomorrow night through Saturday morning we’re staying with my parents, then Kenny will go to Japan and I’ll stay with my family in Georgia. After that, I’ll come back for one more week before flying out of Seattle (ugh) to Narita. All of the moving around has made it easier to keep Muteki out of my mind, but I’m not so sure I’ve really processed that I’m actually leaving the country. It’ll probably hit me when I walk out of the airport into stagnant and humid heat that is summertime Japan.


One thought on “Moving

  1. susan

    I hope you will write a travel blog Dana! You are a great writer, and I will love to hear of your adventures.


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