Oconee Hill

The Quillians have a family plot in one of the coolest cemeteries I’ve ever seen: Oconee Hill. As of now, depending on who you ask, there are anywhere from 2-8 spots left. I suppose they are first come first serve. Not really an incentive I’m too interested in! Regardless, here’s some awesome shots of the cemetery.

Here is my family’s plot in the newer section, as well as my grandfather’s grave:


My mom is a bit upset with this. My grandfather (“Big Dan”) used to sign his letters “Good Shooting,” which was perfect as he was a skilled archer. Unfortunately, the tombstone reads “Good Shooting Dan.” If you add a comma though, it could always be read as he was signing his name after Good Shooting. Confused? Imagine how many times it took my mom and grandmother explaining the problem before I figured it out.

In the older part of the cemetery, some guy I’m somehow related to in some way (as well as three of his wives and son; there was a fourth wife, not sure where she is) is buried. That’s the thing about cemeteries. You can buy a bunch of plots, but sooner or later (like now) the amount of people living outnumbers the amount of spots remaining.


So, across the street from Oconee Hill is the stadium at the University of Georgia. A few people in the family told me that before it was as big as it is now, you could climb a tree in the cemetery and watch the games. Some even admitted to doing it.

Speaking of UGA, it looks like they recently bought a huge section of Oconee Hill. I only saw three graves so far. Just gotta have that Bulldog pride forever, I guess.



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