In The Beginning

I’m back, baby. And I’ve got Internet (no WiFi yet, but we’ll get there).

Right now, I’m sitting in the apartment with all the doors and windows open feeling the nice breeze. That breeze goes away at night, and the air conditioning takes its place.

Though it’s been a week and a half, I’ll try my best to recall what I’ve done so far.

I got to Japan in late afternoon on a Sunday, so by the time Kenny and I came home, I was exhausted and went to bed. The following morning was Monday, so Kenny had to work. I got up with him and walked to the beach (about 25 minutes away). Japan has a lot of rice, and thus, a lot of rice fields. Most of the walk was through these gorgeous fields, which Kenny says are almost ready to be harvested. This has started a running joke that Kenny and I are rice farmers, here to harvest all of the rice fields.


The beach was beautiful, albeit packed with surfers. Some people drove by and asked if I was American, welcomed me to Japan and offered me directions. Clerks walked out of their stores to greet me. I felt at home right away.


After the walk I went back to the apartment for a while to cool off, and then to the grocery store so I could find out where it was. At the end of the day, Kenny took me over to the Board of Education to meet his supervisor and sign some papers. Everyone applauded as I walked in (which I could easily get used to), and has been incredibly nice and welcoming to me each time I see them.

Over the weekend, Kenny and I visited with a friend in Tokyo. We stayed mostly in Ikebukuro to save money, and to get some ramen at Mutekiya, the place we loved so much last time we named our cat Muteki. But look at that bowl of ramen, doesn’t it look amazing? It looks that way because it is. It is amazing. You should be sad that you aren’t eating it right now. I sure am.


I’ve been studying Japanese for several hours a day. I’ve got a notebook I’ve been writing grammar notes in, and lots of flashcards.


I haven’t started learning any kanji yet, but I know I’ll have to (and soon). After all, today I went to the store and bought what was either beef or pork, and some kind of fish (either tuna…or…something else). Whatever it was that I bought, I’m going to eat it anyway.

Kenny and I have been sharing one iPhone 5. Yes, it’s annoying sharing a phone, but so far we haven’t really needed another. Still, if you need to get a hold of either of us, Viber or email is your best bet. If you’re trying to get ahold of either of us for a conversation, please, for the love of God, wait until 5pm PST to contact us. I don’t know how many more 4:30 in the morning phone calls (that’s 12:30 in the afternoon to all of you Oregon folks) we’ll still have to take until everyone remembers we’re not in the country, but please, wait until the end of the day to call.

I promise these posts we’ll get more interesting as time goes on. In a few days, you can expect to see pictures of the apartment, a more in-depth look at the town, and an idea of what I’ve been doing day to day.


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