Our Home

Over the next several years, Kenny and I will probably move around a lot. This home can only be our home for as long as Kenny is an assistant language teacher (ALT) for the JET Program. The rent is heavily subsidized, and we could not have asked for a better location. It’s close to the beach, downtown, the train station, city hall, and the supermarket. The only thing we’d change is the no-pet policy. Last night, Kenny and I looked over our many, many pictures and videos of Muteki and were incredibly nostalgic. We do miss our kitty. However, life goes on. Eventually we will get another cat.

Now, the first thing you should know about our apartment is that it is small, by American standards. It’s about 375 square feet. That’s not even half the size of our place in Salem. Not only that, but the walls are paper thin. I mean that literally, not figuratively. The walls are made out of paper. Paper thin. You can hear everything. Everything.

But who cares about the details, right? And size doesn’t matter. We already have a room we hardly use.

Anyway, I promised pictures, and here they are.


This is Kenny getting ready to go. This shot was taken from the entrance.


A better shot of the kitchen. I’d love it to look neater, but because of its size and our limited counter space, this is as good as it will ever get. I’m actually thrilled with how clean it is.


This is probably the most terrifying picture for those of you who have never been to Japan to see. I’m standing in the doorway taking this picture, so yes, this really is the size of the bathroom. It’s like a little pod inserted into people’s apartments. It’s always the same size and shape. If you want to see a really nice Japanese bathroom, go to a modern home. If you’re living in an average apartment in Japan, this is what you can expect to see.


A better shot of the sink with the shower.


That brown switch is how you control weather the water goes to the sink or the shower. Right now it is set it sink. I learned yesterday to be careful and make sure it’s turned all the way to where you want the water to go, because as I got out of the shower, water was also overflowing from the sink. Oops. But that’s okay because the whole room is a shower. I think you’re technically supposed to shower outside of the bathtub with the sink and toilet, but we like to try and keep water off the floor as much as possible.


Attached to the kitchen is the living room. We spend most of our time in here. In fact, as it is the only room with air conditioning, we’ve been sleeping in here as well. We are excited for the weather to cool off so we can sleep in the tatami room, but it’s just too uncomfortable right now. When that time comes, though, I’ll post pictures of the bed. It’s currently folded up in the closet to keep dust from getting on it.



And here is that tatami room. The floor is a lot spongier than the laminate crap we’ve been dealing with, so it will be a lot more comfortable. All of our clothes and bedding and such are in here. This is the room we spend very little time in, but that will change come winter.

Tomorrow, I’ve got some good pictures of Kenny dancing in the festival last night with his coworkers. Be sure to check back!


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