Recent Events

What have we been up to lately? Oh, nothing. Kenny danced with his drunk boss in a festival. Found a kitten and named him Yoshi and have been keeping him in our apartment the past few days. Typhoon hit us yesterday. You know, the usual.

Let’s start with the less interesting stuff. This is fondue bread. I was addicted to it when I was here in 2010. It’s bread filled up with cheese. It’s like a bread bowl, but instead of soup there’s cheese. How come no one thought of this before?! Anyway, I couldn’t find it until last Friday. I thought it disappeared off the face of the Earth. So you can imagine my excitement when it suddenly reappeared in a grocery store bakery.



Here’s an adorable sign we found in the train station in Mobara, a larger town two stations North. Mobara is where we do all of our shopping.


This is 玉前神社 (Tamasaki shrine). It’s the biggest shrine in our town, except most of it is under construction which has been put on hold because supposedly (rumor has it) there’s something like $700,000 missing from its fund. If they ever are able to rebuild it, I’m sure it will be beautiful once again.



Last week, our town had its annual festival (one of many). This took place right outside our apartment, so we of course went. During the day, the marching band at one of the elementary schools Kenny teaches at performed. I love their berets. Very cute.


Oh, yeah. And that night Kenny danced in the pouring rain with all of his coworkers from city hall and the board of education. Here he is with his boss. He’s a really nice guy. He’s one of many people who knows I speak very little Japanese, yet continues trying to talk to me anyway.



And this is Yoshi. We found him outside the apartment after a rainstorm a couple days ago. He was soaked and shivering. We brought him inside, gave him some food and water, and he’s perked up quite a bit. In a few minutes, someone from the board of education is coming by to take him to a shelter. We’d love to have another cat, but our apartment strictly forbids pets. He’s a sweet kitten who I’m sure will have no problems finding a new home.


If anyone in Japan wants a cat, let us know ASAP.


2 thoughts on “Recent Events

  1. susan

    thanks for posting. Always fun to read! It is raining in Portland too! (Though no typhoon)! Those cheese rolls are wonderful!


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