Catching Up

A while back, some viewers asked to see the exterior of our apartment. It’s nothing special, so I’ve been putting it off. However, after looking at one of the pictures, I’ve realized it’s a good idea just so I can demonstrate how small the apartment is.

We are on the third (top) floor. The side of he picture with the bedding hang drying–that’s our side; after the wall is another (empty) apartment. That is the entire length of the apartment. The width is probably 2/3 of the length. This apartment is perhaps half the size of our old one in Salem, Oregon, but we always felt it was too big anyway. Our bed is hanging over the balcony as well. We do that about once a week (along with the rest of Japan) to dry it out and air out any dust.


Yes it’s small, but who really needs space anyway? Everyone says they need space, but that’s not really true. I imagine if/when we return to Oregon, our parents’ houses will feel huge.

I’m also worried I’ve led people to believe we constantly are going out and enjoying extravagant meals. Not true. A more typical day starts with 卵焼き (tamagoyaki) over rice. It’s a kind of rolled egg with a little bit of sugar. It’s nothing fancy but it sure is delicious.


Kenny actually makes it the night before because we both prefer it chilled.



Kenny has lunch at the school, so I have tofu with a little ponzu and rice with some sweet chili sauce.


Dinner is usually either chicken, pork, salmon, or curry. Every night I tell myself to take a picture and then promptly forget. Oops, maybe next time.


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