Sick Week

Thank God sick week is almost over. It’s fun to try new things, but this one I truly didn’t enjoy. You should know that Kenny and I don’t get sick very often, so when we do, it’s like the sky has fallen.

It all started last Thursday when Kenny complained of a sinus headache and said he was worried he was getting sick. The following morning I didn’t have a whole lot of energy so my 10k power walk was more like a light stroll. That night we went out for some really high quality sushi at a place a block away we didn’t know was there. It was the second to best sushi I’ve ever had. It was also great for Kenny’s sinuses because they used a lot of wasabi. Don’t get me wrong, I love wasabi, but after every piece of nigiri I winced for about twenty seconds.


All was fine that night. We both left stuffed and happy. I can’t wait to go back (it was expensive, though, so we probably won’t go too often). We came home, watched a movie, and went to bed. I woke up at 3am with a really sore throat. Now, I’m a huge believer that if I can’t sleep, no one else can either. So I woke up Kenny. He doesn’t share my belief, though, so he didn’t offer me much sympathy and held me down and I fell asleep again. Of course, I did wake up an hour later and the whole process repeated itself.

We spent the whole weekend bundled up (that’s Kenny, if you can’t tell).


Kenny got better quickly. I thought I did, but my sore throat turned into a stuffed nose. I begrudgingly stopped going on 10k walks in the mornings, and instead did one short 3k in the morning and another at night.

Once Kenny got better, he took great care of me. Any time I didn’t seem covered enough he put three blankets over me. I wasn’t too happy in this picture because just as I started to get comfortable I had to get up so I could walk with Kenny to the junior high school. Note the scarf next to me: being sick was a great time to start knitting again. I have knit anything since high school, so started with a basic scarf just seemed like a good idea. I did rib the scarf with two types of stitches, to at least make it somewhat interesting. Yesterday I made a potholder using a third kind of stitch–seed stitch. I’m going to make another one in a few days to match, but I need to make a pattern first. I’ll likely do another post in a few weeks with pictures of all I’ve made so far, once I make more.


Seeing as yesterday was the first day I at least felt like a human again, Kenny and I rewarded ourselves with a couple どら焼き (dorayaki). Two pancake-esque patties made from castella (Japanese spongecake) filled with red bean paste. As time goes by and I’m starting to miss American foods less and less, my love of 餡子 (anko / red bean paste) gets stronger and stronger. So simple, yet so delicious.



But today I am thrilled to announce that I was able to do a full 10k this morning. I didn’t plan on it when I left the house. I thought I would just work myself back up there, but it turns out there was no need. The more I walked, the better I felt. Besides, I really didn’t want to get myself out of the habit of doing those long walks, particularly when the weather is so perfect.


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