Haircuts and Such (20th Post!)

I haven’t been updating because, honestly, we haven’t been doing much. We’ve been here nearly six months now and we are settling into pretty nice routines. Last weekend was pretty fun, though. Kenny and I each got haircuts. I’m not posting a picture of what I look like now because I hate it. I seriously hate it. I don’t look like me. I showed her a picture of what I wanted, and this definitely is not that. It’s my own fault, really. I probably should’ve chosen a Japanese hairstyle. Next time, that’s what I’m doing. I’m a bit disappointed because a haircut was supposed to be my reward for all the exercising I’ve done. I’ve lost about 13 pounds in the last couple months and have been eating really well. Now I look like a boy. Oh, well.

We’ve befriended a cat. He may or may not be a stray, but he sure does love me! He lives by a sandwich shop/bakery that we frequently go to. I sat down to pet him and he jumped right on my lap. I wish we could take him home with us.


Here’s a picture of a sandwich from that same shop. It’s the best sandwich ever. She makes everything from the bread to the mayonnaise. It’s a chicken sandwich. It’s actually quite small, but the tiny plate it’s resting on makes it look huge.


Friday night we went out for ramen at the local place. It’s the best ramen I’ve ever had outside of Tokyo.


I keep thinking having a bowl of ramen will satisfy my craving, but it never does. It just makes me want more ramen the next day. I mean, look at it! I have a similar problem with sushi. I never have that issue with sushi in the US. Find me some good sushi and maybe I will, but I’ve never come across it before.

This weekend we are going to see two movies: American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street. The first of the month is the day to see movies. They go from about $18 down to $10, and both those movies come out Friday. Not to mention the $30 or so we have to pay to get to the theater by train. It’s very lucky that the first of the month is a Saturday. It’ll be a LONG day for movie, but we are stoked to see both of them!


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