First, I should catch up. I haven’t been updating much because frankly, we haven’t been doing much. Kenny and I are both working very hard at getting into shape. I’m down to 133 pounds, about 3 pounds from my original goal and 8 from my new goal. It’s awesome. After struggling with my weight for so long, I’ve finally found a lifestyle that works for me, and I’ve never felt better. Because of this, we don’t eat out much, we don’t tend to go places that involve us eating junk food, and we don’t want to be out of the house so much that we aren’t able to exercise every day. So we haven’t been doing much. Until this past weekend.

We were invited to a 花見 (hanami), or flower viewing party, at one of the local teacher’s family homes. We don’t get to go in Japanese houses very often, but when we do, we never want to leave. They look so cool. Really sucks to have to return to where we live after being in a place this nice.DSC_9872

DSC_9860 DSC_9859

After having us inside for tea, we went on a tour of the gardens surrounding their property. Everything was in bloom. It was a gorgeous day.DSC_9865 DSC_9870 DSC_9873

They keep bees. They scoffed at the idea of using the wax to make candles or anything. I thought that was pretty funny.

DSC_9875 DSC_9876 DSC_9879 DSC_9876 DSC_9877 DSC_9882 DSC_9887 DSC_9889 DSC_9909 DSC_9915Look at us. Aren’t we just adorable?! And so much skinnier than we were when we left!?

After touring the property, we had a picnic outside. Normally for lunch I have a serving of tofu, some fruit, and a couple crackers. This was a glorious vacation for me. Heck, just eating white rice is a vacation for me.



Well, now that it’s Wednesday here, I guess I might as well start preparing today’s lunch. Yes, it’s a serving of tofu, some fruit, and a couple crackers. But that’s okay because dinner is beef and curry!



2 thoughts on “Hanami

    1. Dana Post author

      I’m not completely sure, but I imagine they throw it away. I also imagine if I made them a candle they’d laugh. Ever since electricity became a thing, candles have fallen out of fashion here. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen one the whole time I’ve been here.


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