Back By Popular Demand!

People have been asking me to update my blog and they’re right to do so. I’m glad I’ve gotten as many readers as I have and I’ve been really slacking off. It’s not that I don’t want to, but that time difference really makes it difficult. In order to allow for maximum readership, I like to update my blog between 9-10am JST (5-6pm PST). Unfortunately, the mornings are when I’m busiest. That’s when I run 5 miles, do all of the housework, and then get ready for the day. When I finally have time to update, I won’t get as many readers so I don’t see much of a point.

But I rushed through my chores this morning (and in doing so failed to wash a blanket that needed washing), so here I am! Since it’s been so long since I’ve updated, I thought I’d use this post to tell you all how much I love and miss you.

I admit it: I’m homesick. I didn’t think it would happen. I knew I’d miss my family and all my friends, but I thought when I moved to Japan I’d be all tough and not care. Turns out, when you have a family as awesome as mine and Kenny’s, not seeing them regularly begins to wear down on you.

I talk to my parents on the phone typically once a week for 30-60 minutes. I keep thinking that I’m about to come home and see them, and then quickly remember I’m not. I’m always so ecstatic when I’m on the phone, but once I hang up I get so incredibly sad because they’re so far away. Mom and Dad, I really miss you, and I think about you constantly.

I miss Willamette. I miss working at the registrar’s office, campus life, and all the other departments I simultaneously had jobs at. I miss all my professors and the many, many friends I made when I was there. I keep thinking when we do move back to the US I’ll somehow end up back in class at Willamette. That’s obviously not going to happen, but, I wish college could’ve gone on forever.

Many of you already know I’m homesick. Several friends and family members did me and Kenny a huge favor by mailing us cookies (which we’re still eating at a rate of one cookie per day). It’s nice to feel loved, and every package we’ve received in the mail has brought tears to my eyes.

The other half of homesickness comes from the never-ending culture shock. Things like how animals are treated, all the public urination, not to mention the tiff we’re currently in with the neighborhood association and the fact that many people in town don’t really want us around because we’re foreigners….yeah, makes a gal wish she was home.

That being said, I do like Japan a lot. For having lived here, I will always have a special bond with the place. And, in many respects, our lives right now are great. Kenny and I have never looked better. We’ve both lost nearly 35 pounds each, I run every day, our self-confidence has grown…things have actually been wonderful.

To help combat the homesickness, we’ve been eating a lot of Western food, particularly breakfast. The catch is that we never eat breakfast feasts at breakfast. Starting the day with a super unhealthy meal sets a really bad precedent and makes us was to eat like bigs for the rest of the day. So instead, a couple nights a week we’ll have breakfast for dinner. We’ve made pancakes, french toast, and breakfast sandwiches on english muffins.  Tomorrow night we’re going to try making green tea pancakes (pancakes with matcha powder added too the batter). Breakfast is so much fun to make and these recipes are so easy it makes me wonder why people buy instant.


Our grocery store also started selling tortillas so we started making steak tacos and quesadillas. The food helps a lot.


Love all of you ❤





One thought on “Back By Popular Demand!

  1. Downing Bethune

    We miss you, too. But the time will go by quickly so live each day to the fullest while you’re on this grand adventure. See you soon.


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