Second Anniversary

I’ve been married for two years. That’s kind of crazy. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. For our second anniversary, we’ve promised each other gifts (and we already know what they are) for once we return to the US next year. We want to take home with us as little as possible, so buying each other more stuff we’d only have to try and pack later seems impractical.

However, that day is very special, and so was the whole weekend. On Saturday night, the eve of our anniversary we ate a sort of French inspired restaurant in town called Pole Pole (pronounced “po-lay po-lay), At 8 courses, this was the biggest dinner I’ve ever had.

Since the restaurant was here in town, we just walked the couple kilometers along Ichinomiya River to get there.



(Side note: I recently lost 35 pounds, can’t you tell I look amazing?)

The restaurant itself was in a quiet area, hidden from street view.


By American standards, it was also very small, with only 5 tables.


Here’s 5 of the 8 courses we had. Mind you, despite having a small breakfast and no lunch, I filled up halfway through. It was a difficult but delicious three hours.



The dessert course was beautiful, and everyone in the restaurant, including the chefs, clapped for us. It was adorable.


Our dinner was made more special by the fact that the owner actually spoke a fair amount of English. That took me by complete surprise. This is a rural area, so besides the occasional out of towner at the beach, almost everyone here speaks only Japanese. This was also the first time I’ve eaten with silverware outside of our home. When we eat out, it’s usually to eat Japanese food. At home we make a lot of Western meals, but I realized when I first picked up a fork and knife at the restaurant how crazy it felt to actually cut my food!

The total came to about $150 USD for two 8 course meals and two glasses of champagne. For what it was, that’s extremely reasonable.

The next day, our actual anniversary date (at least in Japan), we celebrated by laying low at home and just being together. Those are the best days.

Now it’s Monday. I need to lose the kilo I gained over the past two days. I’m still so full that working out this morning was a nightmare. A totally, 100% worth it nightmare.

Until next time!


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